1. After coming to your home, and seeing your kittens, we know that we are getting the best of the best. Your two kittens have brought so much love into our lives, we can never repay you for that.

2. My husband and I are so VERY pleased with the girls!  They are absolute treasures!
I can't believe we've been so blessed!


3. The trip home was very draining for our new kitten, he found a warm body; our 5yr old and curled up for some needed rest, within minutes of being home.  He has just began exploring and everyone here is captivated by the beautiful new family member.

4. The "children" are getting so big. We are so in love with them.  Andy's hair is getting long. I think it's more like a ragdoll, and Annie's is short--more like a Siamese. We are having a ball with them. I said they would never see the inside of my bedroom, but, of course, that didn't last. They now sleep with us. I think by the time they are full grown, we might have to get a king size mattress. The queen just isn't big enough. When I'm away from home, I can't wait to get home to see them. They demand a lot of love, and we have a lot to give.

Thanks again for our babies. In memory of my Georgie. I was so thankful to have these two to help me through.


5. I just wanted to let you know that the girls are just GREAT!  Genyvieve is 4.7 lbs and Gwynavere is 4.6 lbs.  They're both just wonderful!
Both are smart and sweet to everyone!
No discipline issues what so ever...
Genyvieve has quite a voice!
Thank you again for such beautiful creatures!


6. We’re so happy we brought her home!  Thanks for letting us make her a part of our family.

 7. It is the greatest Christmas present to have been able to get Sugar Baby. You posted the pictures of the litter & I really wanted her. When you posted that she was still available, I was over joyed! Thank you for being on fb - I am sooo happy she is ours!


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