We are a country cattery registered with TICA and TCA, specializing in Purebred Registered Ragdolls & Purebred Registered Championship Traditional Siamese kittens, as well as our own beautiful blend of Ragamese kittens.  The Ragamese kitten is based on our combination of the Ragdoll breed and the Siamese Breed. Our kittens are not kitten mill kittens, they are a part of our family until you pick them up, not kept in a box or a back room.  Given the best foods and loving care; you get a very well socialized, healthy cat with a one year health guarantee.

We offer Purebred Registered Ragdolls and Purebred RegisteredTraditional Siamese, and crossbred Ragamese kittens at no less than 8 weeks of age.All parents are on site . We also offer some cat supplies.  

Phone: 304-853-2654
Fax: 304-853-2654 Call First





  • We are a current registered cattery member of
  • The International Cat Association  and
  • Traditonal Cat Association 

We use and recommend 


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